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SAPSONS Extra Heavy Duty Slugging / Striking Wrenches are designed for use with hammers where impact or shock loading is required for loosening of frozen and rusty nuts and bolts. These slugging wrenches are duly forged from superior grade special alloy steel. The blanks are duly machined with the wrench openings broached to tolerance as per federal specifications. These slugging wrenches undergo a heat treatment process including stress relieving before undergoing short blasting and surface finish operations. A complete range of Heavy Duty Slugging Wrenches to suit most critical applications is available from SAPSONS. The Slugging Wrenches are machined out to exact wrench opening sizes within close tolerances. Hardening and tempering is done to achieve optimum hardness. Thus SAPSONS Slugging Wrenches are guaranteed for superior performance and durability. SAPSONS offers Heavy Duty Slugging Wrenches in - Straight Ring, Offset Handle, Open Jaw, Structural Wrenches, Tapered Handle and Tubular Handle types or with any specific modifications to suit particular applications. SAPSONS Slugging Wrenches are available in a range of sizes from 27 mm to 230 mm (1" to 9.1/8")across flat. These are suitable for most rigid applications and are useful for fertiliser plants, refineries, petrochemicals, heavy engineering industries, railways, iron and steel manufacturing plants, thermal power stations, etc.

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Available in 5 Different Types:
* Straight Bi-Hex Ring Type
* Straight Box Bi-Hex Ring Type
* Open Jaw Type
* Offset Type
* Square Drive Type

* One Piece Forged Construction
* Extra Heavy Duty High Impact Resistant * Greater Head Deptt.
* Guaranteed Against Premature Failure
* Large Striking Face