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 'SAPSONS' Flexible Shaft Machines

SAPSONS Flexible Shaft Machines are of robust construction, simple to operate by unskilled workmen and will give trouble free service with minimum maintenance.

It is a self-contained portable unit, fitted with lifting or carrying handle. It consists of a TEFC, continuously rated, squirrel cage, 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 C/S, A.C. electric motor. The motor H.P. and speed according to choice. (Standard machines with H.P. 3, 5 & 7.5 and speed 2880 or 1440 r.p.m.

It is controlled by a push button starter, which also embodies single phasing protection (3 phase), as well as overload and under voltage protection. In addition it is also ambient temperature compensated. 

Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested and is fitted with a 20 feet length of PVC cable to the main supply. 



  'SAPSONS' Heavy Duty Flexible Shafts

Flexible Shaft is a complete mechanism capable of transmitting rotary power from the unit to the tool head or brush within the tube. The size of the flexible shaft is based on the internal diameter (I.D.) of the tube. 

The length of the flexible shaft required is the addition to the length of the longest tube plus the distance between the mouth of the tube and the position of the power unit.

INNER WIRE CORE is flexible shaft's most important working element. It is designed and constructed to meet power drive operating conditions that include torque, speed, length and minimum bend radius.

At the center of the core is a single wire around which successive multi-stranded layers of wires are wrapped. Each layer is wound in the opposite direction and at right angles to the layer directly beneath it. The direction in which the wire on the outer most layer is wound determines the direction in which the shaft is designed to rotate.

OUTER CASTING made of galvanized steel/rubber hose and is internally reinforced with antifriction lining to support the wire core and resist helixing under torque loading. It does not rotate and it functions as a cover to protect the core.

HANDPIECE is attached to one end of the shaft, either detachable or fixed type, with threaded spindle to connect tool heads or brushes.

MOTOR COUPLING is fitted to the other end of the shaft, either threaded type or shear pin type.       


  'SAPSONS' Tool Heads

Tool Head is the term given to the tool which is fitted to the end of the shaft to remove scale and hard deposits from the inside of the tube. 

Sapsons Tool Heads are designed to effectively and efficiently remove all types of tube or pipe deposits or scale. 

The action is one of chipping the scale by sharp revolving cutters. The result is basically accomplished by rotating the tool heads at high speed. The resultant centrifugal force causes the cutters to extend outward and bite into the scale. All parts are manufactured from special steel and carefully hardened and tempered.


                                                                 For Medium size Straight Tubes









                                                          For Medium to Large Size Curved Tubes










                                                Wire Brushes for Medium and Large Size Tubes

WBA Type

Cup Shaped

for scouring of

thin hard scale

PTH Type

Turk's Head

for scouring

after descaling

PDS type

Double Spiral

for scouring

carbon scale

PGP Type

general purpose

for deburring

polishing etc.


  'SAPSONS' Condenser Tube Cleaners

SAPSONS  Condenser  Tube  Cleaner  is designed for cleaning straight tubes in condensers, coolers, chillers etc. These exchangers contain many small diameter tubes which vary from 3/8" to 1.1/4" in diameter and six to twenty feet in length. 

A tool head is fed into the tube on a rigid hollow shaft. The hollow shaft and tool head are turned by a portable drive handled by an operator at one end of the exchanger. Standard length of shafts are connected using couplings to clean required length of tube.

A water flushing system is attached to a drive. A stream of water conducted along the hollow shaft flushes loose deposits out of the tube and keeps the tool head cool.

Water flow and air drive are controlled independently eliminating excessive water consumption and mess. The use of one piece shaft is preferable where sufficient head room prevails.

Complete cleaner set consists of :

Portable pneumatic Drive,

Water flushing attachment,

Set of shafts and couplings,

Tool heads like drill, cutter and brush.

Air and water hoses.



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