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Quiet : All you will hear is the hiss of the hydraulic pump and a reassuring " snap" when the nut is split.
Precise: You can easily calibrate the cutting chisel so only the nut is split, with no damage to the bolt or stud threads.
Versatile : SAPSONS NUT SPLITTER cuts through even the hardest nuts, including ASTMA194 Brinell hardness 248-352. And each model of SAPSONS NUT SPLITTER can be used for a wide range of metric or inch nut sizes.
It Saves You Money : Nut removal takes less time, so downtime is reduced. And with SAPSONS NUT SPLITTER, you can avoid costly damage to bolts, studs and surrounding equipment.


The Clean cut solution to removing frozen nuts.
Sapsons Nut-Splitter now you can easily remove heavily corroded, seized nuts quickly, quietly and safely.
Fast :  To remove a 90 mm nut with a torch or hammer and chisel might take upto 30 minutes. But yoy only need 20-30 seconds with our Sapsons Nut Splitter.
Safe: No hammer, no impact. Operator has hands off during operation. No sparks, No Flames, No risk to volatile environments.
Sapsons Nut Splitter cuts smoothly, with no flying fragments.

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Hydraulic Nut Spliter